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Author Guidelines

Requirements to the design of an article in the collection "Scientific notes of Lviv University of Business and Law"

Articles submitted to the editorial board of the "Scientific notes of the Lviv University of Business and Law" must comply with the requirements for the specialized publications included in the lists of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

A sample of the article is attached.

Technical requirements:

  1. The article should be submitted in the format .doc
  2. All fields should be 2 cm.
  3. Settings preferred : Interval between lines - 1, font Times New Roman, font size 14. Justify the width, indent the first line on the left 1.25.
  4. The volume of the article from 7 to 12 pages (20 - 30 thousand characters with spaces). Pages are not numbered.
  5. References to the text are made by the serial number in square brackets, separated by a comma - the page number.
  6. All pages should have a portrait orientation. Tables and drawings should not go beyond the margins.
  7. Formulas should be formatted through the internal Microsoft Office Word formula editor.

Requirements for the design of elements of the article:

  1. On the first line - the surname, name, patronymic of the author (without abbreviations, bold, alignment on the right).
  2. On the second line - a scientific degree, a rank of academic degree (alignment on the right edge).
  3. On the third line - the position, place of work.
  4. On the fourth line - the phone number.
  5. On the fifth line - the e-mail address.
  6. In the case of co-authors, the data should be indicated in accordance with paragraphs 1-5 for the second and subsequent authors. Between the data of individual authors one line is skipped.
  7. One line after the authors of the data is given the title of the article - in bold (capitalization, without Caps Lock) alignment in the center.
  8. After 8 lines below the name the JEL Classification code is given. The next line is SECTION. The font size for the code and section is 12, bold.
  9. One line after the previous one should be given to abstract and key words in Ukrainian and English (from the paragraph at the beginning of the line, indicate the word Annotation or Annotation bold After dot - annotation text After the annotation from the paragraph, specify the word Keywords Keywords, after the colon - the list of key words Between annotations the interval is one line. Align annotations in width.) If the article is written in Ukrainian (or in a language other than English), the volume of annotations (including keywords) in Ukrainian is 500-750 characters with a space, in English - 1800. If the article is written in English, the volume of annotations (including keywords) in Ukrainian is 1800 characters with a space , in English - 500 - 750.
  10. After two lines after the annotation are given the word "Introduction" (bold, aligned to the left). From the new line - the text of Introduction. At the end of the entry in italics, the phrase "the purpose of the article" and the goal should be given. The introduction should contain information about such elements (without identifying elements in the text of the introduction): the formulation of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks; analysis of the latest research and publications in which the solution of this problem has been initiated and on which the author relies, highlighting the previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted; formulation of the objectives of the article (statement of the problem).
  11. One word after the entry is followed by the phrase "Results of the study" (bold, left-aligned). From the new line - the text containing the summary of the main research material with the full justification of the scientific results.
  12. One line after the results of the study is given the word "Conclusions" (bold, alignment on the left edge). From the new line - the conclusions from this study. From the paragraph italics the phrase "There is a perspective direction for further research" is indicated and prospects of further exploration in this direction are noticed.
  13. One line after the Conclusions is given the phrase "List of used sources" (bold, alignment on the left edge) and a list is drawn up in accordance with the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 "Information and documentation. Bibliographic link. General terms and conditions of drafting ".

The electronic version of Article is submitted to the address qqbkqq@gmail.com with a note on the subject of the letter (Surname, initials of the author) "Article to publish the Scientific Notes. Economics."

Articles that do not meet the specified requirements will not be accepted for publication.

Author will be required to pay the publication fees of  his Article after its acceptance.

The cost of publication of an article is 700 UAH regardless of the number of pages.

The maximal number of authors - 3. 

Details for payment are sent after approval of the article for publication.

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