Keywords: norm-making, law-making, constituent elements, social norms, law-formation, right to consolidate


The social system is part of a complex business. Its effective functioning requires internal regulators that regulate and apply its active particles. Such regulators are rules of conduct, which should be in normal norms. According to current legal information, doctrine is a rule of law that is diverse for everyone. Real estate, a matter of understanding and change, is that they are trying to create different rules that are not straightforward. To date, scientific discussions are ongoing regarding the correlation of the categories "rulemaking", "lawmaking", "lawmaking", "lawmaking".

This doctrinal problem is a cyclic regularity that becomes practical. With regard to the lawmaking process, one must adhere to the rigor that has Orthodox norms to address this issue, and relevant reviews have been proposed from that point on. These problems are urgent and they are examining their relevance.

The article deals with the issues of the correlation of the constituent elements of the categories "rule-making" and "law-making". It is determined that they are contiguous categories. It is emphasized that the concept of "rule-making" criterion differs from the concept of "law-making". The position on the content difference of the constituent elements and elements of rule-making is grounded. It is proved that the constituent elements of these categories are not their stages. It is argued that rule-making is a wider category than law-making. Normolding is a process of creating and consolidating social and legal norms. It was emphasized that the rule-making process represents both legal and sociological interest. It is noted that the rule-making process coincides in volume with law-formation, and its final stage is the right of consolidation, which is essentially a law-making process. It is stated that lawmaking is a subset of law-making.

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