Keywords: youth, labor potential, development of labor potential, strategy of social development


The problem of social development has traditionally remained relevant today. The competition of states in the conditions of globalization processes is moving from the economic to the social plane. Ensuring high macroeconomic performance can no longer be considered as an exceptional indicator of public policy effectiveness. The shift of the paradigm of development from the economic to the social plane meets the requirements of time, a humanistic, anthropocentric policy systematically pursued by the most developed countries of the world. Due to the low prevalence of corporate social responsibility concepts, it is impossible to abandon state regulation of quality of life processes in Ukraine at this stage. Especially dangerous are the threats posed by low quality of life for young people.

The problem of realization of youth labor potential in the context of the strategy of social development of Ukraine is explored in the article. The regulation of youth employment in Ukraine is investigated. Modern processes of reforming higher education in Ukraine are characterized. Weaknesses of the state policy in the sphere of youth employment are revealed. Theoretical and methodological bases of improvement of the subsystem of management of social development of youth are formulated.

The transition to a new quality of social relations is inevitable due to Ukraine's European integration aspirations. From the willingness of the actors of the social impact of the social development system to dialogue, the introduction of innovative forms and methods of governance, productive cooperation of all stakeholders depends on whether Ukraine will be able to achieve and exceed the high social standards adopted in the European Union. The proper dynamics of social development will not only positively affect the quality of life of the population of Ukraine, but also in the conditions of globalization will ensure the socio-economic security of our country in the long term.

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