Keywords: labor migration, remigration, repatriation, migration processes, return of migrant workers


At the heart of the development of the strategy of reintegration of labor migrants we consider it expedient to lay down the provisions of the theory of sustainable development, labor migration and labor mobility, migration policy. In our opinion, the issue of labor migration is now one of the central ways of developing sustainable development in Ukraine. It is obvious that inefficient migration policy does not make it possible to achieve sustainable development, because if labor migrants do not return, future generations will be lost to Ukraine, that is, satisfying the current needs in other countries, migrants will contribute to the sustainable development of the respective territories. Unless there is a reintegration of migrant workers back home – their standard of living and the standard of living of future generations will deteriorate, which also does not fit the description of sustainable development.

The article explores the theoretical principles of repatriation of migrant workers. The principle and goals of sustainable development as a basis for repatriation of labor migrants are considered. The shortcomings of the existing approaches to the interpretation of concepts related to labor migration have been identified. Based on the generalization of existing approaches to the characterization of elements of the concept of repatriation, his new definition is proposed.

The proposed definition of the term "repatriation of labor migrants" allows to distinguish the levels of migration policy, depending on the complexity of the return of labor migrants and ensure their fastest, hassle-free and consistent inclusion in socio-political, economic and cultural relations, while respecting the principle of maximum preservation. The theoretical characterization and formulation of these levels of migration policy also depends on the content of the terms "readaptation" and "reintegration" of migrant workers

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