Keywords: quality management, joint-stock company, hotel and restaurant business, Poland, Europe


Along with the development of a free market economy, the functioning of the hotel and restaurant services market is becoming increasingly difficult. On the one hand, the number of competitors operating in this market is constantly increasing, and on the other, customer expectations are changing. Their requirements for quality of service are increasing with the experience of using hotel services in foreign markets.

The article investigates quality management in the structure of JSC Orbis in Europe and Poland. The main characteristics of the enterprises of the Orbis Group are described. The main goals of the strategy were set: significant development of budget hotels (introduction of the Etap brand and continued development of the Ibis brand), restructuring and improving the positioning of the existing hotel base (including the possibility of profitable sale of assets), modernization of selected Orbis hotels to target the Accor brands. The main indicators of the activity of JSC Orbis in general and in terms of structural components are analyzed. In the context of the planned activities, the basic assumptions of the Updated Orbis Hotel Group Development Strategy for 2017-2022 are: development of Etap and Ibis brands, change of brands of selected Orbis hotels after their modernization and adaptation to the requirements of Accor brands. in the Strategy for 2017-2022, there are: significant development of economy class hotels, restructuring of the existing hotel base, increase of results and value of the Group. However, the consolidation process will be observed and will continue in the coming years.The Orbis Hotel Group is a clear leader in these networks.The structure of the Orbis Group is quite complex.The spatial scope of the Orbis Hotel Group is divided into regions.In the Pomorie Region, more than 70% are Accor hotels, primarily catering and catering

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