Keywords: judicial reform, eurointegration, project approach, judiciary projects


The dynamics of European integration processes directly depend on the state's ability to implement effective reforms in all spheres – political, socio-economic, legal, etc. In their search for effective tools for implementing the planned reforms, their subjects inevitably face difficulties in theoretical, methodological, organizational, financial, and human resources.

The article explores the project approach to the formation of organizational and legal support for judicial reform in the context of European integration. Theoretical foundations of the project approach are investigated, the main projects that have been operating in Ukraine are analyzed, and the legal and legal foundations of fair justice have been developed at the stage of judicial reform after the Revolution of Dignity.

The study of the peculiarities of the project approach in the implementation of judicial reform shows its potential for solving problems of current nature related to securing certain elements of the right to a fair trial. The project approach is characterized by the involvement of stakeholders from both the government and the public, which enhances its importance for achieving coherence in public administration of judicial reform and its acceptance and acceptance by the population. At the same time, it will be erroneous to argue that the project approach can solve the strategic tasks of reforming the judiciary in order to secure the right to a fair trial in the context of Ukraine's European integration. In the country it is necessary to search for internal resources, without relying entirely on external donors and to develop comprehensive systematic measures for the achievement of national goals arising from national interests and which cannot be realized other than the efforts of the whole Ukrainian people.


The prospect of further research is to identify the conceptual prerequisites for the interaction of all stakeholders in implementing the project approach in the improvement of justice legislation

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