Keywords: freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, human rights, religious communities, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, religious pluralism


Ukrainians have their own specific perception and reflection in the socio-historical practice of ideological postulates and organizational forms of religion. Throughout its history, the Ukrainian people have retained the interpretation of religion as a means of preserving their own and universal positive assets: family morality, nurturing a morally advanced young generation, a deep respect for the life and rights of others, charity, and the like. Most of our people have always been alien to extreme forms of religious-national intolerance, and religious extremism in their relations with other people.

These profound, primordial features of the mentality of the Ukrainian people were reflected in the ideological and philosophical interpretations of the role and place of religion in public life. Until recently, they were not implemented by the legal system of the state, but with the acquisition of state independence, a qualitatively new situation in the spiritual life of the people.

The article deals with issues related to the establishment of a legal system for the exercise of the right to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion in Ukraine. It is emphasized that the state policy on religion in the second half of the 80's. began to be determined by attempts to fill the real content of the principles of freedom of conscience and religion, enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine. The problems of legislative regulation of state-church relations in Ukraine are investigated. It is proved that the principle of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion is one of the most important and inalienable human freedoms, universal human social and spiritual value. The existence of religious pluralism and the main principle of separation of the church from the state is confirmed in Ukraine

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