Keywords: state guard; state security of public authorities and officials; state leaders; state governance


The political and security situation in recent years around the world, as well as within Ukraine itself, shows that the global community, the Ukrainian community, are facing substantially new challenges, dangers and threats that require a radical change in the mechanisms, tools and approaches previously developed. further regulating the functioning and maintenance of humanity. Neglect of the universally recognized principles of world law, previously concluded multilateral international agreements, cynical and bold interference in the internal affairs of other countries, undermining their security and neglect of their national interests – an incomplete list of the negatives that humankind faces today. Hybrid relationships, hybrid conflicts, and the like have become the norm of conduct for individual political players on the international stage. Disrespect for human life, human values, promotion of extremism and separatism, etc., is an incomplete list of current threats to many countries.

Ukraine's ability to respond adequately to challenges and threats is adversely affected by internal economic and socio-political factors. Along with the negative social consequences, the country's economic and environmental crisis is deepening, innovative development is not being implemented, etc.

The complexity of analyzing research in the field of public security lies primarily in the format of restricted access, which, as a rule, was not available for broad discussion among scholars, professionals and citizens.

The article deals with the problems of theoretical and applied aspects of state guard of Ukraine in the system of national secrity. The study of the genesis of the emergence and establishment of state concludes that the institution of state leaders' guard has appeared since the formation of the state, the emergence of state leaders and the emergence of contradictions between them. It is substantiated that in the context of reforms implemented in Ukraine, the modern security service of state authorities and officials has been established. It is concluded that the state guard is carried out under the statutory tasks directly in the sphere of state security and in order to ensure state security, and therefore, in the context of the activity of the Department of State Guard of Ukraine (hereinafter DSGU), the necessity of coercive measures application for the DSGU is wider and may concern either the offenders as provided for law enforcement agencies, or other persons in the interests of state protection of public authorities and officials.

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