Keywords: monuments, Galicia-Volyn principality, restoration, museum


The days of the Galicia-Volyn principality are an important stage in the formation of Ukrainian statehood. Therefore, popularization of state achievements of this period of Ukrainian history is traditionally an important component in the activities of historical and cultural reserves, local historical and local history museums of Western Ukraine.

The legal aspect of protection, restoration and museuming of the cultural heritage of the Galicia-Volyn principality at the present stage is analyzed. The relevance of scientifically weighted museification of these monuments and in-depth study of them in order to strengthen the patriotic and educational component of the state humanitarian policy is substantiated.

The research, fund and exposition work of the newly created historical and cultural reserves in Lviv region, which preserve the monuments of the Galicia-Volyn state, is being conducted by Kvolo. This is especially noticeable in the example of the Stilskoye Mradiy Reserve, whose main monument, although explored in the 1980s, is quite a large area, but it still does not reveal an elitist quarter, or even any finds that would allow it to be identified, Of course, there is a tribal elite here. However, given the scale of the whole complex of fortifications, such elite monuments should be effectively manifested in the results of archaeological research. And their location will clearly indicate the ethno-political feature of the region of Galicia Opil before and during its inclusion in the Kyiv state.

Obviously, it is not far from the time when one of the researchers in the foreign historiography will be asked the question: Prince and King Danylo Halytsky is a historically Ukrainian statesman or the owner of some supranational entity. We have had a similar result for a long time with the personalities of many of the great princes of Kiev, who have firmly entered the pantheon of prominent historical figures of the neighboring state.

Thus, the proper implementation of the legal acts in force in Ukraine will be of great importance for the whole socio-humanitarian sphere of the state

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