Keywords: public authorities, public governance, state security, national security, social governance.


Governance takes place in any society and in virtually every human collective. Depending on historical, environmental, political and other circumstances, its goals, forms, methods may change. The need for management remains unchanged. The basis for the need for management is a simple, at first glance, circumstance inherent in any human collective. It is a collaboration of people within the team. It is cooperation, working together to achieve specific goals that transforms individuals into a collective.

The need for people to cooperate, to work together, to work together, objectively creates the need for management. At the same time, this need always arises where there are any variants of joint activity of people. Management in this situation is a means of ensuring joint activity – a condition for its normal functioning.

It should be noted that in the process of independence building in Ukraine it became possible to carry out scientific researches regarding the disclosure of the essence of the state guard under modern conditions. The analysis of independent-age scientific research leads to the conclusion that state guard is not only a security activity as a state function, but also a law enforcement one, since the task of state guard is to protect the rights and freedoms of protected persons from violations, i.e. fundamental constitutional provisions. We have considered the function of public governance and its place in its security and law enforcement component.

The function of public governance is a social one, since it is governance exercised in human society by people towards people. Both the subject and object of governance are represented here by a person. Therefore, the human factor is the main and leading one in human systems that operate in the social environment. The main categories of social governance are the same subject, object, governance influence, feedback, governance system. However, their content, forms and methods of influence, goals of interaction, basic principles are completely different, radically different from technocratic and biological systems. All well-known categories in social governance take on a specific expression within people activity, their teams and relationships.


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