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  • Лариса Миколаївна Федоришина Університет державної фіскальної служби України https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8852-0649
Keywords: national economy, globalization, geopolitical challenges, consequences of globalization


In the article assessed the social and economic aspects of geopolitical challenges to national economies and the world economy as a whole contained in the works of leading scientists of the world and Ukraine. In particular, for orientation in macro-process requires learning to perceive the world as a complex dynamic system in which interests and relationships are intertwined, which requires a change of approach in understanding the role of science itself, its structure, and the importance of funding.

The features of globalization were analyzed, the analysis of which leads to the idea of loss of positions by national economies.

The consequences of globalization were systematized in terms of types economic ("equalization" of the economic situation in the world as a whole (through the functioning of TNCs and the inability of the governments of the countries to create non-market advantages for their own producers), systematization and modernization of production, increase of international trade volumes; opportunities to mobilize significant amounts of financial resources and, at the same time, widening the economic gap between developed (rich) countries and developing (poorer) countries); ecological (opportunities for joint solution of global ecological problems and consolidation of financial, human and other types of resources, coordination of joint actions and, at the same time, increasing the burden on ecosystems, especially in poorer countries, depletion of resources); social (increasing welfare of the population, especially in the countries of functioning of TNCs; close intertwining of national cultures and, at the same time, erosion of national identity; migration of the population in search of earnings, better life; marginalization; projected sharp rise in unemployment caused by innovative technologies); technological (rapid diffusion of knowledge, newest technologies, the formation of the digital economy and the growth of the role of artificial intelligence, robotization and, at the same time, the devaluation of the role of human, his replacement with artificial intelligence, robot); political (unification of governing structures around the world, developing a unified political vision and, at the same time, enhancing the role of TNCs threatens the existence of nation-states) and medical (knowledge sharing, the possibility of conducting fundamental and applied research by joint efforts of specialists from different countries and fields of knowledge and, at the same time, the possibility of a pandemic, virus coverage not only of the population of individual countries, but of entire continents, all over the world).

Particular attention was paid to the negative medical consequences of globalization processes that are relevant in the current circumstances. We believe that the scientific community and governmental structures of Ukraine have to respond adequately to the deployment (strengthening) of globalization processes in order to find ways of developing the national economy in the current circumstances and to preserve the territorial integrity and economic stability of the state.


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