Keywords: social responsibility of enterprises, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, management mechanism, management methods


In the course of monitoring the work of enterprises and the peculiarities of decision-making in conditions of partial or complete uncertainty (this applies, in particular, the introduction of new management models, and hence the introduction of social responsibility) identified numerous obstacles to implementing corporate social responsibility.

Collectively, the negative factors that arise in the activities of any enterprise lead to a natural conclusion: the implementation of the concept of social responsibility is possible only under favorable circumstances that will develop in the internal and external environment of the enterprise; in the presence of uninvolved resources and the lack of desire of entrepreneurs to increase profits, with full and high-quality material and social security of workers in the transition of the economy to an innovative path of development. It is difficult for domestic realities to predict the onset of such a successful moment. Thus, we should look for new ways of theoretical and methodological support for enterprise development, in particular, the system of social responsibility management.

The article substantiates the organizational mechanism for making and implementing management decisions in the field of social responsibility of the enterprise. The principles, list of subjects, methods, measures and expected results of the mechanism implementation are detailed. Emphasis is placed on the additional requirements imposed by the implementation of the mechanism on the enterprise. It is noted that the use of the proposed solutions will create new opportunities for management systems that meet global trends of increasing corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, strengthening not only economic but also social and environmental role of the enterprise in the national economy towards Ukraine's European integration.


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