Keywords: legality, objectivity, responsibilities


In our opinion, the responsibilities of research forensic institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine as subjects of administrative law should be divided into groups:

  1. General or constitutional responsibilities in semantic sense are the general duties concerning each person, however such character of these norms is not absolute as the maintenance of separate of them such that some duties are imposed not for each person, but for a separate part of society. At the same time, the lawyer emphasizes, the generality of the duties enshrined in the Constitution means the generality of their wording. This provision follows from the very nature of the Constitution, as it cannot contain an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, and it contradicts the nature of the fundamental legal document. Constitutional duties are a need established by the state and enshrined in the Constitution, in the interests of society, which ascribes to each person certain types and measures of conduct and responsibility for non-compliance or improper performance [3].

Highlighting their activities, the research expert-criminal bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine try to make a number of disparate results, which they try to turn into an opinion about NDEKU, which requires reliability if they are clean but relatively important. Although it is known that this is their own legal position, they tend to maintain their rights and indicate that they are able to balance the facts, and should note that it is necessary to check that this is possible to determine that there are functional targets. In addition, it should be: when giving the NDEKU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the right to write down the experts needed to investigate, needed to dismiss these persons, and they themselves offered to answer the questions asked by those who require experts; Hoping to investigate legal entities that have participated in the use of an international enterprise, the law requires that they actively work on their activities; actually.


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