Keywords: state protection; national security; personal protection; protection of objects; law enforcement activities


It is clear that the study of such a modern scientific phenomenon, which is the concept of "state protection", is possible only with the application of diverse scientific knowledge, methods and approaches. This allows to achieve a much greater understanding of it, to move from an abstract, theoretical level of knowledge to awareness of a particular reality. To compare the provisions of the theory of administrative law, security theory and law enforcement with ambiguous and contradictory social reality.

The main general scientific methods used in this scientific research are analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, analogy and modeling, abstraction and concretization.

The modern world process is characterized by profound social and military political changes. The dimensions and dynamism of these changes require a significant rethinking, complex and comprehensive study of all factors and trends that stipulate and determine the development of the world community. The reality of international life today is new outbreaks of violence, international terrorism, armed conflicts in some countries and regions of the world, including in the immediate vicinity of Ukraine's borders and a whole territory of Ukraine in particular. The hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine (temporary occupation of Crimea and provocation of military conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine, information special operations, confessional confrontation, sabotage, etc.) threatens with open interference in internal affairs and full-scale war against the once "brotherly" people of Ukraine.

Thus, in the current difficult conditions and in accordance with modern strategic documents, the DSP of Ukraine should be reformed in the context of security and defense sector reform into a modern security service for public authorities, their officials and officials. Reforming the system of national security in general is one of the most pressing issues for the state today.

The development of the DSP of Ukraine, as an institution in the field of state protection of public authorities of Ukraine, is not limited to security tasks and functions. According to the law enforcement reform launched in Ukraine in 2014, an integral part of this reform is the DSP of Ukraine, as a state law enforcement body of special purpose, as the main tasks of the Office include preventing illegal encroachments on officials and members of their families and facilities. , in respect of which state protection is carried out, their detection and termination. At the same time, the special law enforcement powers of the Department of State Protection of Ukraine are conditioned by the task of preventing, detecting and stopping illegal encroachments on officials, members of their families and other facilities, ensuring safe operation of vehicles intended for statutory officials.


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