Keywords: ensuring personal security, state protection, public authorities, officials, law enforcement activity


The need to protect the "first persons" (officials) of the state has always existed. Kings, kings and sultans, occupying a "leading position", almost immediately began to form a personal guard, whose duty was to ensure the personal safety of the ruler throughout his tenure. Because the threat of an attempted terrorist act has existed, exists and will always exist. After all, it is not possible to please absolutely all citizens.

State protection of public authorities and officials is a complex and responsible area of ​​law enforcement.

The purpose of the article is a theoretical and legal basis for ensuring the security of the state protected officials. Nowadays, the competence of the Department of the State Protection of Ukraine isn’t likely to be called clearly structured and coordinated, that is rather fragmented at the legislative level, and quite logically challenges the effectiveness of state protection of public authorities and officials. Moreover, the certain powers and rights of the Department of State Protection of Ukraine and the terms of their implementation can not completely guarantee the violation of citizens' rights in carrying out the law enforcement activity. Therefore, in the context of increasing the effectiveness of the practical activities of the Department of State Protection of Ukraine, the issues of its powers are considered relevant.

Thus, in order to comply with the requirements of Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On the procedure for coverage of public authorities and local governments in Ukraine by the media", the regime established in places of permanent or temporary residence of officials under state protection aimed at preventing the collection and access to confidential, secret and official information of the UD of Ukraine in order to prevent unlawful encroachment on officials under state protection in their places of permanent and temporary stay, their detection and termination may: to organize measures for the evacuation of vehicles that pose a threat to facilities and officials in respect of which state protection is provided; raise the issue of temporary cessation of activities enterprises, institutions and organizations (with the consent of their heads) on time of security measures; identify the causes and conditions that pose a threat to the security of officials and facilities subject to state protection, take measures within their competence to eliminate them, send to public authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership of the proposal to eliminate the identified causes and conditions; to carry out control and supervisory functions on technical means of protection and control over security at the objects of permanent and temporary stay of persons subject to state protection, and to check their functional purpose.


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