Основні аспекти формування цін на готельні послуги в ринкових умовах

Keywords: price, pricing policy, tariff policy, pricing mechanism, pricing principles


The article reveals the features of price formation for hotel services, examines the factors that characterize the effectiveness of the pricing system in the hotel business, provides a model of the optimal price of hotel services and the general algorithm for pricing hotel services in market conditions.

The main issues of pricing in the theory and practice of hotel enterprises are outlined. The purpose of the article is to try to research the theoretical and methodological aspects of pricing for products and services of the hotel business. As a result of the analysis the basic directions of maintenance of effective economic work of the enterprises of hotel business are developed. It is recommended to focus the work of the hotel business on the key goals and flexible objectives, which will provide a competitive advantage in the market, which is achieved through a well-thought-out and sound pricing strategy and pricing tactics.

In recent years in Ukraine there has been an increased interest of scientists and specialists in the development of the hotel industry as a highly profitable sector of the economy and an important means of cultural development of citizens. Formation of tariffs (cost of living) for hotel rooms (places), services - one of the important areas of hotel management, which determines the effectiveness of its operation in the market of hospitality services. The solution to this problem must be carried out comprehensively, taking into account many factors.

At the present stage of development of market relations, the price of hotel services is the sum of funds that the consumer pays for the right to own certain goods or services, is considered the most important means of marketing, financial and general economic strategy for both national and international hotel market.

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