Іноземний досвід впровадження заходів економічної безпеки у туристичну сферу в умовах невизначеності

Keywords: tourism, tourist flows, World Tourism Organization, competitiveness in tourism, state regulation, economic security of tourism


The goal of this article is to research and demonstrate effective measures for economic security in the tourism sector of Ukraine. It is based on a study of the experience of foreign economically developed countries. Adopting their best practices will allow tourism business to overcome challenges and crises caused by quarantine measures during the global pandemic COVID-19.

The article studied the state of the tourism sector in different countries and Ukraine.  It states that, that for some countries, tourism has become the main area of their economic activity, providing growth and support for the state's economy.

As noted in the special report "Pandemic COVID-19 and its implications for tourism in Ukraine" today there is a significant lag in the rate of implementation of measures to support the tourism sector.  This is a serious threat to the industry's competitiveness in the global market during the projected recovery period in 2021.

Analyzing the experience of state policy on tourism in the leading countries, it was found that a mandatory element of crisis management is the creation of a separate governing unit responsible for the effectiveness of tourism.

One of the most effective organizational tools for achieving economic and physical security of tourists and the state is  to introduce clear rules for licensing, standardization and certification of tourism activities through the development of appropriate government regulations.

It is shown The main threats to the tourism industry in Ukraine are:

  1. Imperfection and weakness of institutional and regulatory support for tourism development.
  2. Lack of comprehensive information-marketing and advertising support for tourism development and investment attraction.
  3. Problems in the field of personnel policy.

Thus, systematic and coordinated institutional support will allow the Ukrainian tourism business to increase its competitiveness at the national, regional, cross-border and international levels.

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