Keywords: least squares method, market share, net profit, regression equation, management of business structures


The rapid development of the economy is accompanied by searching for innovative forms of management of business structures. The search for solutions to management problems and entrepreneurial initiatives become extremely necessary for managers because the correct implementation of these problems depends on the practical implementation of management decisions. The reliability of the received information, which identifies the existing situation, pushes managers and executives to combine the chosen approaches to managing business structures. Since the management of business structures based on ensuring their competitiveness is a controlled rather than a spontaneous process, the development of strategic and current plans of controlled impact on the object requires a specific conceptual basis. Any business structures conduct their financial and economic activities based on objective economic and social laws. These laws determine the trends and phenomena of the business environment, directly affect the choice of the business mission, and make businesses create long-term and short-term plans of development.

The article analyzes the management of business structures in the conditions of increasing competition in domestic markets. The solution to the problem of effective management of business structures can be based on tracking the results of their activities, which characterize the success compared to competitors. Indicators that can be used are: market share, the ratio of net profit to the industry average, the ratio of sales growth to the industry average. Tracking the dynamics of these indicators is possible on the basis of construction and study of three functional dependencies. The factors influencing the choice of the regression equation, which reflects the relationship between the resultant parameter and the independent variables, are analyzed. According to the selected research functions, the power type of dependence is selected, which we have successfully characterized. To obtain the necessary conclusions, we used the method of least squares.

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