Оцінка енергоефективності промислових підприємств: принципи та методика

Keywords: industrial enterprises, energy efficiency, energy management, energy security, use of alternative energy sources


The popularization and widespread dissemination of the concept of sustainable development in the twenty-first century has contributed to the emergence of new to manage industrial enterprises, which are based on the idea of ​​minimizing environmental damage while increasing profits. One of the most promising ways to fulfill such a strategic task is to manage the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. However, to ensure true energy efficiency, it is not enough for the management of enterprises to follow the trend, repeating the actions of competitors or leading companies. Realizing the potential of energy-efficient technologies requires thoughtful and balanced application of a set of methods based on clear principles and can be integrated into the management system of industrial enterprises.

The issue of assessing the energy efficiency of enterprises has been widely studied by domestic and foreign scientists. At the same time, so far there have been almost no attempts to generalize the principles and develop an appropriate management methodology based on them.

The article highlights the conceptual principles, principles, and methods of assessing the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. The internal connections between energy saving and energy efficiency are emphasized, the initial preconditions of expediency of stimulation of activity concerning the introduction of measures within the limits of the strategy of energy efficiency of the enterprise are generalized. The indicators of energy efficiency assessment are generalized, and the existence of systemic effects that should be taken into account in the framework of management activities in this area is emphasized. A system of principles and a set of recommendations for improving the methodology for assessing the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises has been developed.

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