Keywords: enterprise, business model, enterprise strategy, ways of implementing innovations in business models, enterprise development.


The purpose of the article is to explore the features of modern models of effective business enterprises. It is noted that an important feature of the modern economic environment is the aggravation of competition between national and foreign manufacturers; the emergence of new types of risks in business, which are not only economic, but also social and political in nature; periodic fluctuations in financial markets change the speed and direction of capital movement. In such changing conditions, it is especially important to ensure the effective functioning of economic entities, which is confirmed by an increase in the market value of an enterprise, which becomes possible due to the formation of its competitive business model. The processes of forming business models are in the plane of scientific research of modern aspects of enterprise management, are in the field of view of foreign and domestic scientists. However, many questions on this topic have not been resolved, in particular - research related to modern models of effective business enterprises. It is concluded that in a modern highly competitive environment, the ability of enterprises to operate for a long time depends on how thoughtful their business models are in terms of creating customer value. However, the high volatility of consumer needs requires entrepreneurs to continuously improve their business models to maintain customer loyalty. Improving the business model can occur both in the context of the ongoing business processes and in the ways of interacting with partners. For the effectiveness of the business model, it is important that the processes that create the greatest customer value remain in the main enterprise and are constantly monitored by management to ensure their flawless execution in the context of the global crisis. The crisis is a chance for many companies to significantly strengthen their positions in the market, using previously unavailable strategic opportunities. The effectiveness of the business model is ensured by its compliance with external and internal capabilities, strategic goals of the company and the balance between the main components of the model.

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