Модернізація санаторно-курортного господарства як чинник розвитку соціального туризму

Keywords: modernization, SPA industry, social tourism, diversification, resort


The article improves the theoretical and methodological principles of modernization processes research in the tourism sector and forms practical approaches to quantitative and qualitative renewal of in the context of social tourism in Ukraine.

Emphasis is placed on such promising areas of the SPA industry modernization as modernization of the regional tourism infrastructure, reconstruction of the material and technical base of the SPA establishments, increase of their innovative activity. The role of the cluster approach in the modernization of the SPA industry at the regional and local levels is determined.

The importance of diversification as one of the directions of modernization of the SPA industry complex, which allows the establishments to function at the proper level due to the provision of a wide range of additional services, is substantiated. It is emphasized that horizontal diversification is more expedient for the SPA industry, which will allow the SPA establishments to become truly multifunctional.

On the example of the Skhidnytsia SPA complex the problems of development and modernization directions of Ukrainian SPA resorts are analyzed.

The importance of innovative approaches to the management of institutions for the modernization of SPA facilities in Ukraine is emphasized. The introduction of innovations must be carried out in all spheres of SPA establishment’s activity – from the service system to the material and technical base.

It is concluded that modernization will allow making a fundamentally new step in the development of the SPA industry complex, to improve the quality of its services, to focus efforts on increasing competitiveness, to apply new modern technologies that meet the requirements of innovative development. An important result of the SPA industry modernization in Ukraine should be a qualitatively new development of social tourism as a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that is formed in the process of socialization of tourism.

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