Keywords: sustainable development, rural areas, economic, ecological and social sustainability of regions, life of rural population


The article substantiates the peculiarities of the functioning of rural areas in terms of sustainable development. The dependence of the quality of life of the rural population on the influence of economic, ecological and social indices has been established. Integral indices of development of subsystems of rural territories in the context of regions of Ukraine (social, logistical, institutional) are calculated and adjusted weighted averages for each subsystem are derived. Based on the method of fuzzy sets, the level of influence of economic, social and ecological stability of regions on the development of rural areas is determined.

Sustainable development is a challenge to change management at both the global and local levels, which in turn requires the integration of social, environmental and economic goals and system requirements. In addition to global environmental constraints, these aggregates are largely determined locally. However, the threat to rural areas is that they are under the pressure of urbanization. This, combined with land use change and socio-cultural change, and therefore with changes in regional environmental and social capital, leads to a trade-off between short-term development goals and long-term sustainable development goals. On the one hand, rural development depends on available resources, existing institutions and technologies, as well as on the competitiveness of local goods and services. On the other hand, sustainable development requires the preservation of a regional capital fund (local economic, social and environmental assets) over time. An integrated approach is needed to address these trade-offs.

Analyzing the surface data and equations that describe the effects on the material and technical subsystem, we can observe a clear trend of significant effects. The material and technical subsystem is characterized by growth peaks at high indicators of stability indices and at small values ​​of decrease is not observed, but becomes stable.

The social subsystem is significantly affected by the index of economic stability, at high rates of this index the social subsystem reaches its highest values, with the index of social stability is low, at low values ​​of the index of economic stability and high index of social stability the social system has low Indexes.

Ensuring the average level of quality of life of the rural population is accompanied by: an average level of economic sustainability, below the average level of environmental sustainability and a low level of social sustainability of the region.

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