Keywords: tourism, tourism industry, tourism industry, competitiveness, socio-economic development, economy


The article focuses on the economic functions (economic benefits) of tourism, namely: promoting the development and progress of economic activity in many regions; raising their social and economic level, as many of the world's economic regions put internal tourism at the forefront of profitability. The influence of tourism on the social and economic development of the country is substantiated. According to official statistics, the share of tourism in the general economy of Ukraine is about 3-4% of GDP, which is much lower than the international average (equal to 10%).

The directions of tourist flows that are in the greatest demand of Ukrainians are indicated. Due to its convenient geographical location, Ukraine (on its way from Asia to Europe) is a region through which people from South and South-East Asia illegally migrate to European countries. Due to the unsettled relations with many countries, Ukraine is also becoming a source of illegal migrants. Going abroad for tourist trips, many people stay there for work (for a certain period).

The situation in tourism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is considered. Ukrainian tourism lost about 60 billion UAH in 2020 due to pandemic, and international tourism lost more than 900 billion UAH  in December 2020.

Tourism today is one of the most promising and leading sectors of the world economy. Promoting business in the tourism sector can guarantee a significant contribution to the country's economy in providing new jobs, replenishing the state budget through taxes and visiting Ukraine by foreign tourists. It is necessary to analyze the experience of our and other countries and develop tools for action that will help to avoid difficult lockdowns in the future. This is the way that will gradually restore the tourism industry and protect it from the risks of major shocks.

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