Keywords: prosecutor's office, prosecutor, integrity, psychological and legal aspects, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Prosecutor General.


The purpose of the article is to reveal and investigate the main psychological and legal aspects of the mechanism of checking the integrity of prosecutors. It is noted that in the current conditions of the prosecutor's office the problem of psychological research of prosecutors' personality in the anti-corruption aspect, formation of their ability and ability to resist and counteract corruption-causing factors and threats is actualized. In general, the integrity of the prosecutor can be seen as a psychological and legal attitude (attitude) of the individual to prevent (unconditional and absolute refusal of certain actions) behavior that disgraces the title of prosecutor or may damage the authority of the prosecutor, including morality, honesty, integrity, compliance with the prosecutor's standard of living, his status, observance of the oath and the rules of prosecutorial ethics. In order to clarify the psychological features of the prosecutor's integrity check, it is necessary to gradually consider its main regulatory and procedural aspects. It is concluded that the issue of improving the legal and organizational mechanism for conducting a review of the integrity of prosecutors remains relevant and in modern reality requires further research. It is established that the application of European models of training and advanced training of prosecutors for the purpose of training highly professional prosecutors in Ukraine is also important here. The issues of dynamics of formation of personal substructures at different stages of a prosecutor's professional path also need clarification. The regularities of formation of professionally important qualities for a prosecutor, their dynamics during integration of a person into a professional environment, as well as interaction of professional and personal path of a prosecutor.

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