Keywords: court, judiciary, judge, reputation of a judge, authority of the court, image of the judiciary, respect for the court, trust in the court


The purpose of the article is to reveal and explore the main aspects of the reputation of judges as a prerequisite for the formation of respect and trust in the court in Ukraine. It is noted that the main guarantees of the efficiency of justice are public trust and respect for the judge (judicial system). The authority of the judiciary directly depends on the behavior of each individual judge. It is established that the issue of the functions of the mass media in forming a positive image of public authorities, taking into account the realities of today and problematic aspects in this direction, remains debatable. Because the media can serve as a means of both monitoring the independence of the judiciary and undermining the authority and credibility of the judiciary. In a judge's professional life, his or her reputation depends on factors such as independence, impartiality and impartiality, which are a measure of the fairness of the court. The norm enshrined in paragraph 2, part 7 of Article 56 of the current Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” of 02.06.2016 № 1402-VIII (as amended) is justified, which among the duties of a judge establishes the need “adhere to the rules of judicial ethics, including identifying and maintaining high standards of conduct in any activity in order to strengthen public confidence in the court, to ensure public confidence in the honesty and integrity of judges”. According to the results of the study, it was concluded that: 1) in order to successfully perform its duties, the judicial system as a guarantor of justice a fundamental value in a state governed by the rule of law must have the trust of society; to a large extent, trust and respect for the court depend on the judges themselves, at least on their integrity and competence; 2) the reputation of a judge is a reflection of the consequences of his behavior in all spheres of life and, of course, is the basis of trust, the foundation on which a judge's judicial career is built, a solid foundation of the judiciary in general, where this foundation must be formed primarily in a professional judiciary for whom caring for one's reputation is one of the top priorities; 3) despite outside influence and pressure, the judge must be a professional, an example of strict observance of the law, the principle of the rule of law and the oath of a judge; to gain the reputation of an honest and decent judge (hence, to strengthen the authority of the court and to gain public respect for the judiciary) is possible only in the case of conscientious attitude to work, objective consideration of cases, legal and reasonable procedural decisions.

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