Правова аналітика—професія майбутнього

Keywords: analyst, analytical activity, analyst, legal analyst, legal analyst


The article considers the questions: what is meant by analytics, which is an analytical activity. Particular attention is paid to the fact that in modern conditions the role of analytical activity is constantly growing, its tasks are changing, opportunities are increasing. It should be noted that analytical activity is a specific social phenomen, it is not only the analysis of a certain document, a certain event, but also the corresponding synthesis, generalization and, especially, a certain forecast. Forecasting is the most important function of such activities. Analytics is of different types, depending on the areas of human activity. The article focuses primarily on such a relatively new phenomenon of legal reality as legal analytics. The analysis of scientific literature and the most modern researches in the field of legal analytics is carried out. Many leading researchers have expressed their vision of the role and importance of legal analysis, in particular: Onishchenko NM, Mandzyuk O.A., Selivanov A.O., Sopilko I.M., Bilenchuk P.D., Osyadla M.V.  These studies confirm that the connection between law and analytics is very significant. At present, serious research is being conducted on the role and importance of legal analysis in the preparation of legislative and other normative legal acts, the results of their application, guaranteeing the rights and legitimate interests of all those concerned by these legal documents. This primarily concerns the activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, in particular the National Police of Ukraine. Thus, the European Union Advisory Mission to Ukraine supports the introduction of an analytically driven model of policing in the National Police of Ukraine. On this issue there are serious studies of such scientists as: Movchan A.V., Tishchenko V.V., Zayets O.M. etc. This means that today legal analytics serves legal science, legal practice, public administration, litigation, advocacy, legal education, and so on. The basis of any type of analytical activity, including legal analytics, is the personality of the analyst. Therefore, a prominent place in the effectiveness of legal analytics is occupied by the training of analysts. Under the current conditions, the presence of highly professional legal analysts is a defining prospect in building the rule of law in Ukraine. The analyst must first have an analytical mind and thinking. The modern world is developing very intensively, but in many ways, inconsistently and unpredictably. Therefore, the analyst must adequately perceive the present and the near future and offer, accordingly, their suggestions and recommendations. After all, analytical thinking helps to see and understand more broadly and more. In order for legal analytics to perform its functions, appropriate specialists and analytical structures are needed. Training of analysts, including legal analysts, in our country is just beginning. Specialists in legal analytics need to be trained in higher education institutions of legal profile according to the relevant curricula. It should be borne in mind that the world and life are constantly changing. Therefore, it is necessary to apply new approaches and methods of working with analytical information. This is noted, in particular, Tverdokhlib O.S., Gritsyak N.V.

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