Keywords: corruption, corruption crime, corruption prevention, anti-corruption, anti-corruption measures


The purpose of the article is to reveal and study the main measures for preventing corruption crime based on international experience. It is noted that one of the most dangerous manifestations of corruption is corruption crimes, together they form corruption crimes. Their danger is manifested in the fact that they undermine the rule of law, weaken political stability and social cohesion, impede economic development, infringe on the foundations of the functioning of the state apparatus, in turn negatively affect democratic principles and the rule of law and contribute to the spread of corruption crimes. This leads to the fact that the criminal legislation of the overwhelming majority of countries provides for liability for corruption offenses (the Criminal Code of Albania, the Criminal Code of Norway, the Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Sweden, the Criminal Code of France, the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania, the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Therefore, finding effective ways to prevent corruption crime is especially relevant, since this will contribute to the development of universal recommendations for combating corruption criminal manifestations both at the international level and at the level of national legislation. It has been established that in Ukraine it is necessary to highlight the main stages of state policy in the fight against corruption in state authorities, namely to ensure: the manifestation of strong will; establishing voter confidence; the beginning of an attack on corruption in all branches of government; attracting new personnel; the use of non-traditional methods of accountability for corrupt officials; adaptation of international experience to local conditions; the use of new technologies to limit the direct contact of citizens with government agencies; active use of modern means of communication. It is concluded that these measures to prevent corruption crimes will contribute to a more effective application of international criminal law, will create an opportunity to unify national criminal legislation in the field of establishing responsibility for corruption crimes, and will also open up new prospects in terms of developing mechanisms for identifying determinants in the most corrupt spheres and development of the most effective measures to prevent these criminal manifestations. Speaking about combating corruption as the activity of authorized bodies, three main types of this activity can be distinguished: prevention of corruption, including the identification and subsequent elimination of the causes of corruption (prevention of corruption); identification, prevention, suppression, disclosure and investigation of corruption offenses (fight against corruption); minimization or elimination of the consequences of corruption offenses. However, with all the scale of the forms of activity and the formation of anti-corruption policy of law enforcement bodies of state power in Ukraine, they will be in vain without active support from civil society.

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