Keywords: administrative responsibility, administrative procedure, standardization, metrology, certification, technical regulation


Acceleration of scientific and technological progress, intensive growth of consumption of material goods, natural resources, negative changes in the environment force us to look differently at the processes of production, performance of works and provision of services. All countries of the European Union establish mandatory and voluntary requirements for products, take measures to assess their compliance with these requirements in order to prevent the production and placing on the market of products dangerous to human life and health and environmental protection. State regulatory activities include enforcing mandatory requirements, ensuring compliance, monitoring compliance, and imposing sanctions in the event of violations. Collectively, the methods of technical regulation form a special method of legal regulation, which has not yet received the necessary theoretical justification.

The article considers the administrative procedures of supervision in the field of technical regulation to ensure product safety. The current legislation in the field of standardization, product quality, metrology, certification, technical regulation in the system of administrative law of Ukraine is analyzed. The competence of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection to supervise and control in the field of metrology and technical regulation and the authority to bring to administrative responsibility officials of enterprises of various forms of ownership and natural persons-entrepreneurs for administrative offenses in the field of standardization, quality products, metrology, technical regulation and administrative procedures carried out during the supervisory and control activities. Problematic issues in the context of administrative responsibility for the examination of product samples are identified. It is proposed to amend the current legislation.

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