Keywords: civil service; administrative and legal regulation; law enforcement activities; law enforcement agencies, law enforcement functions


The development of society requires the improvement of state and legal systems, taking into account the determinant of social evolution in the XXI century - globalization, increasing economic development, European integration of Ukraine. Diverse vectors of development aimed at European integration and universalization, on the one hand, and the preservation of territorial integrity and sovereignty, on the other, emphasize the need to transform state and legal structures and build the ability to harmonize contradictory globalization processes, ensure economic and political stability for Ukrainian citizens. , to guarantee social justice and comfortable existence of society. An important place in such transformations should be occupied by the development of the law enforcement system - an important structural and functional element of the state mechanism that ensures national security, stability of internal development, realization of human and civil rights and freedoms.

The article is devoted to the problems of determining the main features of the civil service in the law enforcement sphere, its place in the mechanism of administrative and legal regulation. The civil service in the law enforcement sphere as a single legal category is considered, the characteristic features and essence as a social system are revealed, the classification of constituent elements is determined and their administrative and legal content is revealed. The main functional features of state bodies in which the service is law enforcement are highlighted: state-authoritative nature of activity; endowment with executive-administrative (administrative) powers; special functional purpose; application of special measures of legal influence based on the use of methods of persuasion and coercion; special legal status. The conclusion is substantiated that the practical solution of the issue of classifying the civil service in a state body as law enforcement can be carried out by means of legislative definition of the concept of state law enforcement, law enforcement functions of state bodies and system of state bodies performing law enforcement functions.

Author Biographies

М.В. Ковалів, Львівський державний університет внутрішніх справ

Ковалів М.В.

кандидат юридичних наук, професор,

завідувач кафедри адміністративно-правових дисциплін

Львівський державний університет внутрішніх справ


М.І. Курочка, Львівський університет бізнесу та права

Курочка М.І.,

кандидат юридичних наук, доцент

ЗВО «Львівський університет бізнесу та права»


О.А. Плашовецький, Львівський університет бізнесу та права

Плашовецький О.А.,

кандидат юридичних наук,

ЗВО «Львівський університет бізнесу та права»


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