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Keywords: administrative responsibility, administrative jurisdiction, administrative and legal regulation, collective agreements, state powers, agreements


Among the tasks of the Ukrainian state related to administrative jurisdiction is the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens in the field of labor in case of violation. Article 2 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses provides that the provisions of this Code apply to administrative offenses, and fully apply to liability for violation of the requirements for the conclusion of collective agreements, agreements [1].

Code of Labor Laws of Ukraine in accordance with Art. 14 stipulates that the resolution of disagreements that arise during negotiations, the procedure for developing, concluding and amending the collective agreement provide for responsibility for its implementation [2].

The Law of Ukraine “On Collective Bargaining and Agreements” provides for administrative liability for: 1) evasion from participation in negotiations (Article 17 of the Law); 2) violation and non-fulfillment of a collective agreement, contract (Article 18 of the Law); 3) failure to provide information necessary for collective bargaining and control (Article 19 of the Law). At the same time, the legislator enshrined the provision that the procedure and terms of imposing administrative fines are regulated by the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine.

Changing the political, socio-economic conditions of development of the Ukrainian state require the solution of problems of administrative responsibility, among which are the prevention and combating of violations of collective agreements, agreements by bringing the perpetrators to justice. To a large extent, this is influenced by the content of the following factors: 1) socio-economic; 2) regulatory; 3) administrative-tort; 4) preventive.

The powers of the executive authorities to monitor compliance with the Law of Ukraine "On Collective Bargaining Agreements" are not clearly defined. It is only a question of control, which is obliged to be carried out directly by the parties to the collective agreement, the agreement or their authorized representatives (Article 15 of the Law). Similar in content is Art. 19 of the Labor Code of Ukraine. Important 2 provisions in Art. 7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, where the legislator provided that compliance with the law on the application of measures of influence for administrative offenses is ensured by systematic control by higher authorities and officials, the prosecutor, the right to appeal [1] illegal actions / inactions in collective agreements, agreements in the field of labor.

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