Keywords: corruption, court, judicial power, corruption in the judicial system, courts of Ukraine.


The purpose of the article is to explore the main issues related to the content and characteristics of combating corruption in the judicial system. It was noted that today Ukraine is on the path of changes and reforms aimed at improving the efficiency of all government bodies, including the judicial branch, which is carried out by resolving legal conflicts between citizens, government bodies and organizations. The judiciary, as one of the three branches of government, is empowered to fight corruption through the administration of justice. However, corruption has also affected the judicial branch of government, therefore the issue of combating corruption also concerns the fight against it in the judicial branch. One of the prerequisites, the root causes of corruption, both in the judiciary and in the public administration system, is corruption risks arising from the improper level of legal regulation of the civil service. It has been established that the emergence of corruption risks entails a violation of fundamental human and civil rights, as well as their legitimate interests. Hence, it is obvious that the elimination of shortcomings in the legal regulation of judges will help to reduce the level of corruption in the judicial branch of government, restore citizens' confidence in the court. It is concluded that the solution to the issue of overcoming corruption in the judicial branch of government is one of the important judicial and legal reforms. One of the problems of this reform is that the provision of one law contradicts another, legal conflicts arise. To overcome corruption risks, it is necessary to ensure the formation and implementation of a coordinated, consistent state policy aimed at implementing measures for the judicial reform, bringing the legal framework in line with international standards, adopting long-term state programs, creating appropriate institutions, as well as proper scientific support of these processes. To a large extent, the spread of corruption in the judicial system can be prevented by: improving the constitutional and legal regulation; updating legislation on the judicial system and the status of judges; improvement of criminal proceedings; involving the public in the administration of justice; improving the procedure for assessing evidence; viewing unjust decisions that are not disputed by any of the parties to the process; improving the procedure for making a decision in absentia by the court.

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Я.І. Скоромний, Львівський університет бізнесу та права

Скоромний Я.І.

кандидат юридичних наук,

викладач кафедри судоустрою, прокуратури та адвокатури

ЗВО Львівський університет бізнесу та права


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