Keywords: criteria of conference movement, phenomenon of tourist product and conference tourist product, conference tourism, Tourist-recreational offer


The article describes the phenomenon of congress tourism, its main characteristics and differences from tourism in general. One of the ways of tourism is to attend a conference, one of the events of business tourism, or rather congress tourism. We define a conference as meeting a group of people to discuss specific issues; this is a scheduled meeting with a specific scenario, i.e. a framework program. Currently, the market observes that many conferences and the content program offer participants a tourist and recreational program. The purpose of the article is to present the possibility of organizing an exciting meeting with numerous attractions for conference participants. The methodology of this study is based on the following methods and techniques: observation of participants in the analyzed conferences, analysis of official documents, informal interviews and analysis of the literature on this issue.

The study summarizes the main criteria of the conference movement. Furthermore, it highlights the phenomenon of tourism products and conference tourism products and their characteristics in natural and extended aspects.

As evidenced by the growing interest in tourism, professional responsibilities in business travel can also become a springboard for everyday work in a world of ever-higher living standards. An example of this state of affairs is conference tourism, which is increasingly penetrated by recreational tourism. As a result, the tourist and the recreational offer become an integral part of organized events to attract a potential participant to the meeting and create an opportunity for informal integration of the industry environment.

In the context of conference tourism, it is worth discussing the issues of network connections, which may be an additional function of tourism and recreation. The network is defined as constructing a network of contacts, i.e. concerning conference tourism. It is the integration of the industry community participating in the conference. It is the process of collecting, storing and disseminating information for the mutual benefit of those on the Internet. The point of meetings is to maintain a relationship, and that is what a network is.

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