Keywords: literacy, digital literacy, computer literacy, media literacy, information literacy, skills


The article reveals the study of the concept “digital literacy”, which includes the vast number of skills connected to the use of telecommunication (Internet, telephones etc.) and information (computers) technologies, digital means of mass media etc. The concept has a broad meaning and includes all other forms of literacy, namely: computer, media and information literacy. The author reviewed these concepts definitions, generalized the processes of their evolution and formation, and compared terms, competencies, and components (actions), which correspond to specific skills to identify their similarities and differences. As a result, the author found that the broadest concept is “digital literacy”, and the concepts “technological literacy” and “computer literacy” are identical. Furthermore, the author studied the scientific experience of “digital literacy” skill mapping that combines such components as “media literacy”, “information literacy”, and “computer literacy.” The author proved that the concept of “digital literacy” is the most general and implies the possession of skills necessary for life, studying and work in the society, where communication and information access are more and more often done through digital technologies, such as the Internet platforms, social networks and mobile devices. Furthermore, the author confirmed that this term includes three other previously studied concepts in particular: media literacy (it is critical to read and develop professional communication in mass media); information literacy (essential competencies of search, interpretation, analysis, creation, management and exchange of information); computer literacy (a set of general knowledge and skills for work and safe usage of digital devices, means/applications, services/tools regardless of the type of platform or interface).

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