Keywords: Ukrainian-Polish relations, strategic partnership, interregional legal cooperation, European Union, NATO, Poland, Ukraine


The article analyzes the significant coincidence of strategic national interests of Ukraine and Poland, which gives grounds to believe that the creation of the Ukrainian-Polish tandem is a fundamental basis for cooperation in implementing agreed tasks of international legal policy and ensuring political stability in Europe. The practice of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation shows that both countries in the new geopolitical realities of transformed Europe strive for friendly and mutually beneficial relations. This is why the preconditions for further constructive development of Ukrainian-Polish relations are laid, allowing them to reach the level of understanding and strategic partnership. The enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union, of which Poland is already a member and Ukraine aspires, is also a catalyst for bilateral activity. Both countries actively cooperate within international and European organizations (UN, OSCE, Council of Europe).

The Polish experience can and should be used by Ukraine on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration. Its analysis and implementation at the state level will remain relevant until the declared goal of the leaders of Ukrainian foreign policy is realized, and Ukraine becomes a member of the European Union and NATO. Therefore, Ukraine needs to abandon alternatives in foreign policy, develop a common position with Poland on the adaptation of legislation to EU law, and stop the country's party interests in the bills needed to sign agreements on further European integration Euro-Atlantic policy. Objective realities urge Kyiv and Warsaw to increase it, deepen strategic partnership, close and diverse cooperation, which, in turn, will be able to guarantee Ukraine and the Republic of Poland security in the international arena.

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