Keywords: remote employment, remote management, remote work, process organisation, communication


The article highlights the main problems of corporate management in remote work conditions and ways to overcome those problems. At the current stage, the domestic economy has characteristics of recession and crisis in certain areas of the economy. Therefore, it is necessary to revise the traditional forms of business organisation and justify the introductory provisions of remote management, its essential components and principles of operation.

Based on the study of scientific literature on remote work organisation, the authors proved the relevance and need for in-depth study of this issue due to a set of effective mechanisms for regulating intra-corporate interaction using CRM and ERP-system.

Remote employment is a non-conventional form of employment, so its features are non-standard workplace, irregular working hours, instability and flexibility of social and labour relations. Given this, the article reveals the main advantages of remote work for both the organisation and the employee. Furthermore, the conditions that will reach the maximum efficiency of management of workers remotely are also substantiated in this article.

The study of the legislative field shows the imperfection of domestic legislation on the interpretation of the remote form of activity, which creates a basis for contradictions and does not clearly understand the rights and responsibilities of each of the participants in labour relations. The adverse effects of remote employment have been analysed, and recommendations have been developed to mitigate their negative impact on staff.

The issues of control and reporting, unorganised interaction of staff, lack of knowledge base, clear organisational structure and distribution of powers are identified as typical problem processes and phenomena of administrative management that complicate the organisation's work remotely. The content of these factors is revealed, and recommendations on how to overcome their negative impact on the organisation's activities are provided.

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