Keywords: monitoring, legal monitoring, efficiency of legal norms, improvement of legislation, specialist in conducting legal monitoring, digital transformation


The article analyzes current research on monitoring and legal monitoring as a new type of legal activity. At the same time, different interpretations of the definition of legal monitoring are revealed. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of this type of monitoring. For more than a decade, the number of regulations in the country has been increasing, and their quality is not always appropriate. It is noted that significant violations in rule-making are the presence of legal conflicts, gaps, duplication of norms, declarativeness and vagueness of legal norms, a significant part of blanket norms and their insufficient implementation, adoption of a significant number of changes to current legislation, which is not always scientifically justified.

All this weakens the authority of legislation and legal culture in general.

Legal monitoring is a legal tool that can correct mistakes that have already been made and prevent similar ones in the future. Therefore, there is an urgent need for legislative regulation of the application of this relevant legal institution.

Typically, monitoring includes the collection and analysis of process data and the development of recommendations for appropriate decision-making. The purpose of monitoring is to prevent undesirable deviations in specific processes.

At present, the concept, doctrine and methodology of legal monitoring is emerging in the theory of law. There are already several scientific works on this issue, including defended dissertations.

This publication focuses mainly on the suggestions of scholars on what is meant by legal monitoring, what is its subject, what can be the object of legal monitoring, who can act as subjects of such research and on what principles it should be conducted.

Attention is also drawn to the need to carefully study the training of relevant professionals to perform this complex intellectual work.

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