Keywords: migration processes, factors of production, dynamics, state regulation, macroeconomics


We proved that migration processes from the standpoint of state regulation of the economy are dynamic characteristics of the migration of the population in terms of space, time, factors of production; transfers related to the migration of tangible and intangible resources and assets; existing and potential changes caused by migration, related to it and its consequence in various spheres of the public life of the country – economic, social, political, spiritual, in the system of factors of production.

The article aims to systematise the approaches to conceptualising the concept of migration processes and substantiate the causal relationship between migration and macroeconomic parameters.

We substantiated that the essential-typological characteristic of migration processes basing on three elements - migration, process, and national economy. This approach gave grounds for distinguishing four essential semantic characteristics of migration processes: dynamics (critical theoretical and applied value in the management of migration processes are trends, their direction, rate of development and course, scale and consequences, degree of control), change (volume, level and structural characteristics of migration are essential characteristics, but in the context of formation and implementation of public policy key are the changes that have already occurred and / or are expected as a result of further migration processes), related transfers (not only the scale of human movement but also movement) with corresponding changes (losses or multiplication)), labour, intellectual, financial, economic, economic-technological, material and technical resources, all tangible and intangible rights and assets that move with the migrant), consequences (changes in all areas) social life, occurring as a result of n the extent of migration processes and are expected in the future; serve as the main subject of regulation, respectively, act as an information and analytical basis for the formation and adoption of strategic and tactical management decisions in the field of state regulation of the country and its territories).

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