Keywords: tourism, marketing communications, digitalization, Internet marketing, information technologies, communication policy


This article aims to research and determine the features of the process of marketing communication of tourism enterprises in the growing role of digital communications. It is summarized the conceptual approaches to the formation of the main components of the marketing communication complex. The author's theoretical approach to the formulation of the concepts of "marketing communications" and "marketing communication policy" is proposed, which considers the aspect of digitalization of economic activity of tourist enterprises.

It is defined that marketing communication policy in the system of Internet marketing of tourism is a system of measures for planning and implementation of constant communication (in digital field and format) with consumers and other entities in order to form a positive image as a component of competitiveness of the enterprise and its tourism products and services. Peculiarities of marketing communications of tourism enterprises in the conditions of digital economy formation are determined.

The classical model of the marketing communication process and its analogue in using information technologies are graphically visualized. It is concluded that the formation of communication policy of tourism enterprises in the digital communication system is a complex and systemic process that requires consideration of elements of communication policy, communication subjects, data distribution channels, elements of information and communication system, appropriate management mechanism. It is determined that the development of digital communications and their capabilities provide a shift of emphasis from inter-organizational relations to integrated interaction and communication. This contributes to the expansion of the potential of marketing communication policy of tourism enterprises in the areas: much deeper (current and potential consumers of services) and a more comprehensive (other market agents) audience of recipients of information; high speed of data dissemination and obtaining answers; large volumes of one-moment data transmission; simultaneous communication with audiences of different spheres; indirect communication; transfer not only information but also means of advertising, sales promotion.

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