Keywords: competence, personnel development strategies, knowledge, professional experience, skills and personal characteristics, corporate culture, derecruitment


The article describes four main elements of the profile of competencies of Human Resources Manager: knowledge, professional experience, skills and personal characteristics, with an emphasis on those competencies that are necessary for a creative approach to working with staff.

We established that the HR Manager must know different types of personnel development strategies, conditions of their application, implementation and opportunities for creative activities within each of them and methods of strategic personnel analysis. A creative HR manager should also know how to stimulate and motivate. In addition to the usual procedures, there is room for creativity, especially at the stage of design and interpretation.

We substantiated that a creative Human Resources Manager should pay attention not to the number of years worked but to the professional experience gained during the work, such as knowledge and skills gained in previous work which can be used in a new, creative way. Individuals without work experience should occupy lower positions in the hierarchy of work with labour resources. Creative HR Manager benefits from previous experience in forming a strategy for staff development, organizational culture, investment in human capital.

We proved that among the skills that a creative HR Manager should have, one should pay attention to thinking ahead. The formation of corporate culture requires, among other things, the HR Manager's ability to understand employees, identify their value systems, expectations and needs, as well as skills of cooperation.

We noted that leadership qualities should characterize a creative Human Resources Manager. Investing in human capital is supported by endogenous motivation and risk appetite. Empathy, flexibility, sociability, perseverance - these are the must-have personality traits of a creative HR Manager for generating a team spirit. Effective implementation of the employee selection procedure should be facilitated by such features of a creative recruiter as ease of establishing contacts, empathy and communication.

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