Keywords: strategy, strategic management, enterprise strategy, strategic issues, consumer of services


This paper analyzes the essence, meaning and basics of strategic management, which is necessary for the effective operation of the enterprise.

 One of the urgent purposes of the modern development of the economy of Ukraine is to initial conditions for a qualitative transition to market relations. At the same time, the restructuring of excessive concentration of production, the improvement of organizational considerations, the reworking of outdated team economic relations and management factors are fundamental.

 In these conditions, the need to develop an entrepreneurial activity, the activities of enterprises and organizations aimed at the consumer of the service sector, and the final result is profit.

The practical solution of problems related to the need to ensure the regular operation of the enterprise, not only today but also in the future, depends on the range of development of methodology and methods of strategic management as a management process.

The company's strategy is the core of strategic planning, through which the company determines the weight of a set of problematic issues related to the purposeful reorientation of new products and range, the introduction and use of new techniques, marketing development, improving the management structure and retraining of the company.

In the economy of Ukraine, there are successive stages of increasing instability of the environment in which the firm operates. The effective functioning of enterprises in these conditions necessitates the accelerated development of the concept of strategic management, strategy development, methods and tools of effective management systems, which makes the topic of our study relevant.

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