Keywords: information society, information security, cyberspace


The article analyzes the basic concepts of information society development. Modern threats to the information security of the state have been identified. Peculiarities of development of legal bases of Internet space in foreign countries are revealed.

It is proved that the main task of information ecology is the harmonization of human relations and technologies, protection and preservation of information by materializing opportunities and introducing restrictions in the implementation of various methods of communicative interaction. Hence, the result of an environmental approach to information should be to increase its social significance. Domestic and international institutions can play a key role in this process in terms of guaranteeing individuals and social groups access to information of public interest, as well as establishing adequate and reasonable restrictions on such access. The citizen must be protected from centralized encroachment and interference with his privacy, in particular with regard to the protection of personal data. This should take into account the domestic and sometimes supranational contexts of the manifestation of the ecology of information, its moral, ethical and cultural components.

Despite the lack of unanimity in determining the quantitative and qualitative indicators of information, the need to substantiate the patterns of positive information processes and measures to prevent the harmful effects of the information environment on public health from an environmental and hygienic standpoint is obvious.

It is substantiated that Preservation of physical and mental health of the person, in particular new generations is one of the most important tasks of each person, a society as a whole and the state. Progress leads to the emergence of new human needs, one of the main today is the need for information, as well as the ability to critically evaluate it. This, in our opinion, is designed to promote such a new scientific field as information hygiene, which studies the patterns of influence of information on the formation, functioning, mental, physical and social well-being of man and society, justifies measures to improve the information environment.

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