Keywords: business risks, risk management, supply management, risk reduction tools, industrial enterprise


Research on the economics of the enterprise often considers various risks of entrepreneurial activity. Researchers primarily focus on financial risks, sometimes - on personnel and pay special attention to production and marketing risks. However, building a comprehensive security system for businesses requires a broader study of financial, manufacturing, and marketing risks.

In the supply management mechanism of an industrial enterprise, there are undoubtedly tools of managerial, marketing, analytical and forecasting nature. This article will look in detail at a set of tools that have a clear legal basis, namely commitment tools.

In this study, we have identified several widely used tools to manage business risks associated with supply. These tools have a significant advantage over others, as they are backed by the rule of law, which allows in case of supply problems to protect the interests of the company in court and prevent such problems, thereby minimizing risks. Furthermore, the use of these tools does not preclude the use of analytical, economic-mathematical and organizational measures to minimize risks but organically complements them to create a unified risk management system in the field of supply.

In this article, we explored a set of tools to reduce risks in the management of industrial supplies. We stressed the expediency of a systematic approach to building a risk management system that should consider financial, personnel and production, and sales risks. We investigated the features of the use in the risk management of industrial supplies such as penalties, sureties, guarantees, collateral, deposit and retention. We also gave examples of the use of these tools in European countries and the United States. A promising area of ​​further research is the formalization of security tools for encapsulation in the risk management model in the field of supply.

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