Keywords: tourist enterprises, marketing, marketing strategy, classification of enterprises


The tourism industry has significant prospects for development in Ukraine. The presence of significant tourist potential, the gradual development of infrastructure and the integration of Ukraine into the European tourist space allow us to make optimistic forecasts for the development of Ukrainian business in this area.

The article aims to substantiate the classification of types and features of marketing strategies of tourism enterprises in Ukraine.

The state strategy of tourism development in Ukraine is aimed mainly at defining tasks and tools for solving social problems, increasing the level of the economic potential of territories, the productivity of their economy, business profitability and income and, as a consequence, creating conditions for the general improvement of social standards, quality life and development of the business environment. Therefore, tourism enterprises are a driver of positive change and perform economic and essential social and environmental functions. At the same time, the potential influence of various enterprises on the development of the tourism sector and the state's economy is heterogeneous. The main differences are depending on the type of tourism entity and their marketing strategy.

In this article, we have considered the main approaches to the classification of tourism enterprises. We have identified five actual types of travel companies for which we have differentiated marketing strategies. We have proved that there are no remarkable differences in marketing strategy for foreign entities in the context of the current rules of the tourism business. In conclusion, we stressed the importance of using information technology to strengthen the competitive advantages of small tourism enterprises operating without official registration and green tourism enterprises. 

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