Keywords: Agile, agile-methods, methodologies of flexible software development, agility, IT-management, IT company, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, DSDM, Adaptive software development, Feature Driven Development, Crystal, Lean Software Development


One of the most significant advantages of Agile software development is the focus. Considering the values, principles and practices of known methodologies that support the principles of Agile software development, the paper defines the concept of Agile; outlines one's vision which determines and measures Agile; identified which factors in the software development process can be controlled through Agile principles. We decrypted the known methodologies, which are prevalent in IT management during the transition to agility. In the course of our work, we concluded that development teams, when choosing one of the agile methodologies for software development, actively assess and monitor the dynamic tension and trade-offs between software development agility and efficiency of its development, responding to requests for changes in requirements. We analysed different methodologies of agile software development as Scrum, eXtreme Programming, DSDM, Adaptive software development, Feature Driven Development, Crystal, and Lean Software Development, emphasising their strengths and weaknesses. We see that different methodologies require somewhat different approaches in management culture and software development. For a software company, preparing to work on a project is essential before determining which methodology they will choose to achieve the efficiency and productivity of software development. These efficiency and productivity factors are timely completion of the project, budget development, and the software's successful functionality. Among the Agile methodоlogies, the most popular in the IT field are those methodologies that allow them to be used for the process of efficient and productive development of complex and reliable software systems. However, the choice of methodology remains unresolved. It is exciting and promising to make a more thorough analysis of each of the methodologies in comparing the choice of real projects that determine the new perspectives of this study.

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