Keywords: enterprise, innovative development, formation, ensuring, system


We formed a system for ensuring the innovative development of construction companies, an open, dynamic environment that combines its elements (objects, entities, subsystems of the I and II levels, management parameters) and provides the necessary relationships between them. Furthermore, we propose introducing additional management parameters, such as self-marketing and self-financing, that will be effective and strengthen innovative development in enterprises, which will make them able to shape their supply to consumers to satisfy their demand in the future.

We proved the functioning of the system is influenced by: social distancing caused by unforeseen pandemics; environmental friendliness, which involves the use of environmental materials in the construction of housing; ergonomics, which is reflected in the color of the facades of buildings in accordance with their names; manufacturability with the use of monolithic frame structures in engineering planning, which allows you to build housing in a much shorter time; savings, as economy and energy saving, which will significantly reduce the cost of utilities for heating and lighting of buildings; information as an exchange of information and notification of customers using elements of digitalization (availability of Internet sites, video presentations of aero-flights of the construction site to avoid wasting time or minimize contacts), which have an inverse effect on: profitability (growth rate of commissioned housing); growth of working capital at construction enterprises; reduction of investments, receivables, as well as reduction of construction time.

We defined that functioning of the designed system to ensure the innovative development of enterprises will be expressed in GDP growth; investment growth; expansion of the revenue side of the budget; creating comfortable living conditions; raising the level and quality of life; opportunities to purchase housing on the terms of interest-free sale in instalments.

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