Keywords: tourism, social tourism, tourist service, holiday check, tourist certificate


In current conditions, the importance of social tourism is constantly growing. This is due to the expansion of goals and areas of modern tourism and increasing the availability of tourism (including financial) for various categories of the population. The development of social tourism at the state level would attract a significant number of people from socially vulnerable groups for whom tourism services are not available for various reasons. Therefore, the necessity of studying programs of development of social tourism of the developed countries of the world for their adaptation to social and economic conditions of development of the tourist sphere of Ukraine is substantiated.

The following features characterize the development of social tourism globally: active participation in its development and promotion of social organizations, a variety of financial support, the use of innovative methods of work in the social sphere, focused on improving living standards and health standards.

In developed countries, various models of state support and development of social tourism have long been used: liberal, social democratic and social market. For example, the concept of social tourism has been implemented in practice in Switzerland and France through a system of holiday checks - payment and settlement tools to provide targeted assistance to tourists and ensure the availability of recreation to all segments of the population.

Actualization and implementation of the legal mechanism of state regulation would legislate the essence of social tourism and its varieties and actively promote the involvement of certain social strata of the population in tourism. It will help to realize their constitutional rights to ensure access to tourism and recreation, freedom movement, health care in a safe environment for life and health, the satisfaction of spiritual needs and other rights during tourist travel.

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