Keywords: personnel, management efficiency, methodological approaches, personnel turnover, evaluation, approach


The article deals with the key performance indicators of personnel management.  The study aims to deepen the theoretical provisions, analyze of practical aspects to improve the effectiveness of personnel management at the enterprise.  We determined that the current personnel management practice considers that the fundamental changes occurred due to social transformation and labor reform, central organizational reform and improvement of social development.

Ineffective personnel management is a consequence of ineffective officials in enterprises and the cause of society's deformation and labour field.  The lack of application of complex and comprehensive methods used to improve the effectiveness of personnel management to solve problems actualized the choice of the research topic.  We noted that without understanding the visualization of the system is not so difficult to optimize the multifunctional aspects of sustainability and economic functions of the system, as well as improve the effectiveness of personnel management as a basis for constructive management decisions.  The issues of improving methodological approaches, algorithms, practical tools for identifying the effectiveness of the personnel management system remain under-researched.  Directions and devices to improve the effectiveness of personnel management require scientific and applied treatment.  We emphasized that the transition period associated with the consistent democratization of the former, strictly administrative and technocratic system of economic management (by ignoring the human factor in solving the problems of adequate performance of enterprises) requires finding an appropriate mechanism for the impact of personnel in the management of the organization "as intended".  We determined that the strategy of creating the concept of management reform of society in Ukraine is in the organic combination of interaction between the three spheres of society (economic, spiritual, political), the concept is purposeful management of human resources, as the subject, respectively, socio-economic, socio-cultural and socio-political management.

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