Keywords: telecommunications enterprise; state regulation; state program; investments; areas of regulation


Effective state regulation of the telecommunications sector contributes to its development by creating favourable conditions for free competition in the industry, attracting investment to develop new technologies and modernize infrastructure, and improving the quality of services for the population. The article analyzes the place of Ukraine in the world ranking according to the index of development of information and communication technologies in 2020. It reveals that such low values of this indicator are based on problems associated with inefficient state regulation of the telecommunications industry.  By systematizing various studies, the main problems related to state regulation are identified, namely: problems related to the legislative sphere (the presence of a large number of regulatory documents, the loss of relevance by many regulatory documents, the untimely adoption of several regulatory documents, etc.); problems related to the economic side of the development of the telecommunications services market (imperfection of State tariff policy, lack of an effective organizational and economic mechanism for state regulation of telecommunications); problems caused by disagreements between different authorities regulating the activities of telecommunications companies. In the study, it was found that, despite the positive results declared by regulatory authorities regarding the implementation of tasks, there are still a significant number of problems that reduce their effectiveness. Based on the study results, several measures are proposed to improve the efficiency of state regulation and support the management of the potential of a telecommunications enterprise.

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