Keywords: multidimensional sustainable development, enterprise potential, enterprise management, social responsibility of enterprises


Today, sustainable development is one of the fundamental principles of governance at various levels. At the state level, the principle of sustainable development is objectified in public policies and legislation. There is a search for optimal ways to develop the local business and social sphere at the regional level. Finally, at the enterprise level, the principle of sustainable development is often manifested as a practice of social responsibility and extends to all government areas.

The sustainable development of any business depends on the realization of its potential. However, there are certain components of the potential of enterprises that are common to all entities and those that are unique to specific enterprises. This difference in potentials largely determines enterprise development's vectors and intensity, competitiveness, and investment attractiveness.

This article presents the study results of theoretical and methodological aspects of multidimensional sustainable development and its provision at the level of management of domestic enterprises. We explored the relationship between multidimensional sustainable development and enterprise capacity management and detailed the possibility of applying the theoretical and methodological apparatus of the theory of multidimensional sustainable development to improve the management of domestic enterprises. As a result, we proved that business leaders could provide organizational development to implement the principles of multidimensional sustainable development by implementing corporate solutions in terms of adjusting the organizational structure of enterprise management, distribution or redistribution of functions and powers of management entities to manage enterprise capacity, rules and procedures in the enterprise management system relating to the management of enterprise potential.

The study proves that the current principle of managing the potential of the enterprise is to take into account the provisions of the theoretical and methodological apparatus of multidimensional sustainable development. Enterprises are part of both components of sustainable development - the economy and society. Satisfying the consumer needs of the community, companies often harm the environment due to economic selfishness and irresponsibility of entrepreneurs to future generations for the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of nature, which are in today's generations. The essence of this principle is to form and develop the potential of the enterprise so that the implementation of the goals set by the enterprise takes into account the needs of modern society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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