Keywords: tourist enterprises, staff of tourist enterprises, personnel management, methods and tools of personnel management


Event management is a specific type of activity of tourist enterprises, which concerns the planning, organizational support and control of activities related to the activities of enterprises. The growth of scientific interest in the issues of event management of tourism enterprises should be associated with knowledge about project management. Event management and project management have a common idea but differ in planning and implementation, funding features, and expected results. One of the key differences is the requirements for the staff of tourism enterprises involved in the activities.

The article examines the features of staffing event management of tourism enterprises, particularly in terms of the formation of scientifically sound approaches to the selection of methods and tools. The differences in the approaches to the classification of methods and tools for staffing event management of tourism enterprises are emphasized. There is high importance of increasing the efficiency of staffing of event management of tourism enterprises, mainly using innovative methods and tools. Emphasis is placed on the importance of working on mistakes and overcoming resistance to changes on the part of the staff in the transformation of the staffing system of event management of tourism enterprises.

Issues of improving the management of tourism enterprises need considerable attention due to high competition in the market of tourist services and rapid changes in tourist demand. Therefore, there is a need to study, control and increase tourist demand, primarily through the diversification of tourism products and individual tourism services, including in the field of event management, which will best meet the needs of consumers.

In modern conditions of global transformations of approaches to business activity, it is essential to develop scientific and methodological support of processes of improvement of internal management systems, which will help bring the state of the enterprise to the requirements of national and international markets in the areas of sustainability, competitiveness and innovation.

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